Autonomous systems

Opening a whole new world of possibilities

Autonomous robotics aren’t coming. They’re here.

No matter how advanced, human control systems rely on people. And people get tired or distracted, or simply do what humans do: make mistakes. A self-driving system operates safely and reliably in all terrains, in any weather, in virtually any scenario you can imagine. Imagine a 24/7 mining operation where people don’t have to go into dirty or toxic areas. On the battlefield, self-driving minesweepers can find IEDs without risking the lives of soldiers. And back home, new generations of autonomous automotive technologies are making our day-to-day vehicles safer than we could have imagined.

Revolutionizing how we move

Autonomous technologies are about more than just avoiding accidents, as important as that may be. Data-links will make traffic jams a thing of the past. Cars will be more efficient thanks to the aerodynamic benefits of platooning. A recent Berkley Labs study even predicted that autonomous taxi or ride-sharing systems could be up to 90% more efficient than today’s gasoline-powered systems. It’s a sea change in the way we think about transportation as a society, and it’s all possible thanks to autonomous concepts and applications.

Clearing the way on today’s battlefield

Soldiers face a myriad of dangers in the field. While we can’t eliminate every challenge, in many instances, we can remove the warfighter from vehicles in the most dangerous scenarios via autonomous systems. From scanning a roadway for IEDs, to giving soldiers the ability to recon unknown areas from a safe distance, protecting our soldiers is job #1.

Safer operations, 24-7

Human perception and endurance is amazing, but limited. Low light, fog, driving rain, hilly terrain, dusty conditions and other situations can turn a routine vehicle movement into tragedy. Imagine a darkened mine after an electrical problem. Autonomous systems would continue operating normally. And they’re not going to get tired and need a break, either.

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From more efficient operations to radically increased safety, self-driving vehicles are fundamentally changing our world.


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