Digital control systems

Ultimate control from the cab, from a few yards away, or from anywhere on earth

Old-school, meet new-school

Even today, many vehicles rely on mechanical systems for operator inputs for speed, steering, and more. Whether it’s for a military vehicle, mining dump truck, or on-road automobile, our fully digital retrofit removes these physical links to open up a whole new range of control options. From there, any of our digital control products can be easily incorporated.

Can be fitted to virtually any vehicle

Our digital control systems install quickly on any vehicle, increasing safety and reliability while forming the foundation for future upgrades, including autonomous capabilities.

Ultimate flexibility

Our digital controls allow you to put your operators in the best situation possible for any scenario. Need to jump in and drive now? In-cab control always remains fully functional. Need an external POV? RemoteTask enables full remote control from up to 1000′. Want precision operation of a vehicle in another state, or even another country? With RemoteCab, you can be anywhere on earth and you’ll have a better view in and around the vehicle than what you’d get from the cab itself.

Digital precision, amazing reliability

Whether you want to improve safety or enable better controls for tricky maneuvers, precision is key. Converting physical controls to digital offers far more accurate and reliable control of every vehicle system, with zero lag time. Available as a standalone product or incorporated into larger systems, SafeStop® quickly allows the operator to stop machine movement with just one button. PinPoint offers vehicle-positioning data that’s far more accurate and reliable than you get with pure GPS systems. And RemoteTask brings new meaning to remote control, replicating all the in-cab physical controls needed to operate a range of Cat® loaders, as well as more than 200 work tools.

01 Digital control

Digital control systems allow you to operate virtually any vehicle from anywhere on Earth, with a minimal learning curve.


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