Launch & support

Getting ahead only matters if you stay ahead

Product launch is just the start

So you’ve done it. You’ve unveiled the amazing new system and customers are lining up to buy. Congratulations. What’s next? How do you continue to keep your competition in your rear view? How do you ensure today’s victory isn’t short-lived? Our ongoing support team will work with you so you’re always getting the system performance you expect.

Designed for manufacturability

A system that performs wonders but that is too expensive or too fragile for real-world implementation is useless. As we prototype, we look beyond raw performance to ensure manufacturing feasibility and durability in actual applications. If a system may require field maintenance, we design with that in mind. We can manufacture our own systems, or work with your existing supply chains for seamless integration.

Always by your side

A high-performance system is only beneficial if it’s used effectively. That’s why in addition to product support, we deliver comprehensive service & support documentation, as well as training for customers and support staff. We’ll make sure you have the knowledge and the tools to use your system effectively, and to keep it performing flawlessly.

2.0 and beyond

Today’s technologies are just the prelude to what’s next. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you stay ahead of the pack. From iterative product improvements to implementing entirely new technologies that haven’t even been thought up yet, we’re here to help you succeed over the long haul.

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