Systems support

Nothing matters more than delivering systems you can count on, every time

Reliability isn’t a benefit. It’s a requirement.

Whether it’s implementing proven systems like RemoteTask, SafeStop®, or PinPoint, or developing wholly new custom systems that push the boundaries of robotics capabilities, one of the most important performance metrics we can achieve is rock-solid reliability. That’s why when maintenance or support is needed for one of our systems, we’ll do whatever it takes.

Smarter design for better support

From the start, product support and usability is a key aspect of our product and systems design thinking. When possible, we design remote-control systems to mimic the controls they’re replacing, reducing the learning curve for new operators. Our systems are designed for serviceability, so if a problem does occur, it can be fixed quickly. Even our training materials are made to be easy to understand, helping new operators feel more comfortable from the start.


We stand behind every product and system we deliver. If you need guidance or support for any reason, get in touch with our support team.


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