Technology Roadmapping

The ideas that will define the future start with smarter planning today

We’re not in Kansas anymore

The sheer potential of robotics is staggering, but it’s not magic. While you don’t need a great and powerful wizard, you do need a smart partner that knows what robotics can do now, and where it’s headed. Torc has helped establish the very leading edge of robotics capabilities today. We know what works, what doesn’t, and why, because we’ve done it time after time.

We take on the unknown

To figure out where you’re going and how to get there, we start by getting to know everything about your business, your challenges, your competition, and what you want to achieve.

Making our lives better

Robotics is changing our society in profound ways. Today’s technologies can augment and even replace human drivers in dangerous or hazardous situations, such as helping a mom avoid a wreck that she didn’t even see coming. It’s about more than just operating efficiencies and delivery schedules. It’s about making life better. And people want more of it. We’ll help you figure out what that means for you for the long term.

Cross-industry inspiration

Because we have experience implementing advanced robotics applications in a range of industries, we have a far broader view of what technology can do. R&D learnings in one area can lead to new ideas and new products for other markets. Whether you’re looking for proven, cost-effective systems today or cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow, you benefit from all the work that’s come before.

Solving real challenges

We don’t have solutions in search of a problem. Everything we do is based on your specific needs and market. Our team will meet with you to identify the problem or opportunity, and only then will we begin working on a solution. From initial concept to understanding how your operations will integrate the new technologies, we’ll be there with you all the way.

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